Querétaro Walking Tours

Querétaro, Mexico

   The city of Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico is one of the hidden colonial gems of Mexico. The entire downtown is a Unesco world heritage site. The downtown was made for walking with kilometers of pedestrian streets and dozens of plazas.

    Querétaro was once the capital of Mexico and many important events in Mexico's history took place here. Among them are the signing of the Mexican Constitution, the execution of Emporer Maximilan, and the first singing of the Mexican National Anthem.

   The city of Querétaro, Mexico is known as the safest city in Mexico. Whether you would like to explore it during its day to enjoy the year round temperate climate or if you would like to take a night walking tour to see the city in a different light, you will always see people walking the street with you. Not matter what the hour.

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Querétaro Walking Tours - English language walking tours of the historic center o Querétaro, Mexico.

Queretaro, Mexico